Mission Statement

Vehicle Sanitation®️ equip all drivers with the proper car etiquette to help with the invisible war that plagued the world.

More than ever our world needs responsible men and women who can meet the challenges of helping keep a safer community and world.

Our action against pathogens, viruses and bacteria. Is to train, certify and educate the world on car etiquette, and proper sanitation for keeping vehicle safe.

Our Owner

Bentley Brandon of Luxury Wash USA will be offering the Vehicle Sanitation Training Program (VSTP). The VSTP will provide insights into clinically cleaning and disinfecting automobiles owned and operated by both the public and corporations. Key corporations include Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber, Uber Eats, Postmates, Lyft, Amazon, and others.

Bentley Brandon

Principle Instructor

Bentley Brandon known as the Clean Car Expert has been serving the world car care needs for more than 23 years. With his book “Your Vehicle is an Extension of YOU!” Bentley is teaching and educating the world with his world-class experience.


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  • Europe 

Our Promise

We have position ourselves to be the industry leaders and visionary for vehicle sanitation. Several of our courses has been recognized by the Government.

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